Intermediate Presentations


  • The Regulatory Compact in a Changing Context (Beecher)
  • Federal Energy Jurisdiction and Policy (Wilson)
  • Federal Telecom Jurisdiction (Hunter)
  • EIA Analysis of Trends and Outlook for Energy (Huetteman)
  • Federal Telecom Policy (Hunter)
  • Methods for Forecasting Energy Supply and Demand (Miller)
  • Trends in Communications Markets (Bauer)


  • Environmental Regulation: Climate and Air Policy (Leonard)
  • Integrated Resource Planning and Policy (Wilson)
  • Resource Portfolio Standards (Barbose)
  • Federal Water Policy (Beecher)
  • Expanding Broadband Access (Frederick)
  • Distributed Solar Energy (Barbose)
  • Environmental Regulation of Oil and Gas (Wygant)
  • Drinking Water Quality and Treatment (Masten)
  • Fiber and Broadband (Schoen)
  • Bonus: Wind Energy Resources (Nordman)


  • Market Power and Antitrust Policy (Jeitschko)
  • Wholesale Electricity Markets (Rose)
  • Gas Pipeline Siting and Regulation (Foley)
  • Trends in Water Usage and Prices (Beecher)
  • Municipal Franchising for Cable and Cellular (Watza)
  • Electricity Market Monitoring (Rose)
  • Wholesale Gas Markets (Foley)
  • Water Utility Management Models (Pallone)
  • Municipal Broadband (Watza)
  • Electricity Distribution and Planning (TBA)
  • Gas Pipeline Safety (Chislea)
  • Water-Energy Nexus (Safferman)
  • Telecom and Public Safety (Eisner)
  • Bonus 1: Retail Electricity Markets (Rose)
  • Bonus 2: FERC Data Resources (Foley)


  • Regulatory Modifications and Incentives (Dismukes)
  • Integrating Supply-Side Resources (TBA)
  • Gas Market Trends (Dismukes)
  • Challenges for Municipal Utilities (Bearman)
  • Gas Supply and Procurement (Dismukes)
  • PUC Management and Operations (Barua)
  • Integrating Efficiency and Demand Response (Taylor)
  • Trends in Transmission (Adarkwa)
  • Regulatory Ethics (Transeth)


  • Distruption, Digitalization, and Transformation of Utilities (Mulder)
  • Consumer Issues, Advocacy, and Protection (Springe)

Supplemental Materials