IPU Onsite

Customized Regulatory Seminars, Tutorials, and Strategic Planning. IPUOnsite offers customized regulatory seminars, tutorials, and strategic planning available onsite at your location. We currently offer the following onsite programs…

Basics of Utility Regulation and Ratemaking
Instructor: Janice Beecher
Topics covered: Introduction to economic regulation and ratemaking, Cost knowledge and accounting basics, Introduction to cost allocation and rate design, and Regulatory evolution and adaptation.
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Electricity Economics
Instructor: Ken Rose
Topics covered: Electricity industry structure and regulation, demand-side issues, issues in electricity pricing and smart grid economics and evaluation.
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Cost Allocation and Rate Design
Instructor: Carl Peterson
Topics covered: Cost-allocation methods, cost-allocation issues, cost-allocation exercise, and a rate-design roundtable.
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Federal Energy Law
Instructor: Harvey Reiter
Topics covered: Overview of FERC responsibilities, statutory exemptions from FERC regulation, jurisdictional overlaps and intersections, FERC ratemaking responsibilities, transmission siting and cost-allocation, and FERC enforcement: market manipulation and penalities.
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Introduction to the Power Grid
Instructor: Joydeep Mitra
Topics covered: Grid interconnection, loop flows, balancing authorities, and operation, Abnormal operation and grid protection, Grid reliability and standards, Supply-side efficiency and reliability, Smart girds, and Microgrids.
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Ratemaking and Performance Issues
Instructor: David Dismukes
Topics covered: Rate design and policy, Test year and regulatory lag, Arguments offered for changing the existing paradigm, Emerging methods and issues designed to address regulatory lag, and Regulatory innovations and regulating innovation.
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