Michigan Forum 2018 Presentations

Grid Modernization and Distribution Planning

Bruzzano – Grid Modernization and Distribution Planning: Building a 21st Century Electric Grid

Clark – Grid Modernization and Distribution Planning: What’s Going Around the Country?

Natural Gas Infrastructure Storage and Safety

Rowan – Gas Storage Infrastructure and Safety

Bowers – Transmission and Compression

Chislea – Natural Gas Infrastructure, Storage, and Safety

Innovative Utility Scale Energy Projects

Combined Presentation (Baldwin, Dobbs, Nally, Andersonb, Erhardt, Mitra)


Update on Michigan Infrastructure: Pilots and Policies

Ayers – Pilots and Policies


Developments in Expanding Broadband Access

Reisdorf – The Centrality of Broadband in Detroit,
Michigan, and Beyond

Allen – Midwest Energy & Communications

Handy – USDA Rural Development Updates

Watza – Developments in Expanding BB Access & Municipal BB