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Utilities Policy is the peer-reviewed journal for researchers, utility company professionals, financial analysts, and industry consultants. It publishes original research papers, review papers, viewpoints, as well as book reviews, about the entire range of utilities including coal, electricity, gas, oil, telecommunications, urban transport, water, waste, and renewable forms of energy.

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This book provides those in the regulatory policy community with a basic theoretical and practical grounding in risk as it relates specifically to economic regulation in order to focus and elevate discourse about risk in the utility sector in the contemporary context of economic, technological, and regulatory change. This is not a “how-to” book with regard to calculating risks and returns but rather a resource that aims to improve understanding of the nature of risk. It draws from the fields of corporate finance, behavioral finance, and decision theory as well as the broader legal and economic theories that undergird institutional economics and the economic regulatory paradigm.

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The groundbreaking book that details the fundamentals of reliability modeling and evaluation and introduces new and future technologies. Electric Power Grid Reliability Evaluation deals with the effective evaluation of the electric power grid and explores the role that this process plays in the planning and designing of the expansion of the power grid. The book is a guide to the theoretical approaches and processes that underpin the electric power grid and reviews the most current and emerging technologies designed to ensure reliability. The authors—noted experts in the field—also present the algorithms that have been developed for analyzing the soundness of the power grid.

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