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Florida Complete WAW Manual

Indiana Small Utility Accounting Manual Final

IPU Handout on RBROR 2017

Texas System For Utilities 200 Connections

ACEEE Electricity Rate Design (2017)

ASPA Code of Ethics (2014)

Beecher Prudent Regulator (2008)

Bonbright Principles of Public Utility Rates (1961)

Deloitte Regulated Utilities Manual (2012)

Economics of Fixed Cost Recovery

Incentives for Grid Mod 2017

IPU Acronym List (2017)

IPU Bib Intro to Regulation Reading List (2017)

IPU Core Case Law (2017)

IPU Tips for Witnesses (2017)

Kentucky Modified NARUC USOA Water A-B (2002)

LBL FEUR Incentives for Grid Mod Final (2017)

NARUC Code of Ethics (1977)

NARUC DER Rate Design Manual (2016)

NARUC Rate Case and Audit Manual (2003)

Texas System of Accounts for Water Utilities