IPU Program Guide

IPU-MSU designs and delivers university-based continuing education curriculum to professionals in the utility policy community, with an emphasis on independence, quality, and program value.

All programs can be attended remotely and provide an interactive live online learning experience.  

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IPU Accounting and Ratemaking Course
September 17-19, 2024

A concise and comprehensive introduction to public utility accounting, financing, and pricing to ensure sustainability and protect ratepayers. Interactive exercises make use of data from an actual water company and rate case. A 2.5-day program eligible for 30 CCRE credits.

IPU Michigan Forum on Economic Regulatory Policy

IPU’s sponsored conference coordinated with the Michigan Public Service Commission focusing on Michigan economic regulatory issues within the evolving national policy context. A half-day program eligible for 6 CCRE credits.

IPU Power Grid School
Course I: Engineering Economics of the Supply Chain for Power
June 10-12, 2024

Course II: Supply-Side Dynamics: Alternative Resource, Integrated Planning, and Climate Action
TBD 2024

Power Grid School courses covering the engineering and economics of electric utility systems and their modernization and transformation across the supply chain for power, from generation to transmission to distribution. Each three-day program is eligible for 30 CCRE credits.
Course 1. Engineering Economics of the Supply Chain for Power.
Course 2. Forecasting and Planning, Energy Transformation, and Climate Action.

IPU Annual Regulatory Studies Program (“CAMP”): The Fundamentals
August 12-16, 2024

IPU’s flagship program providing essential education in the theory, principles, and practice of economic regulation organized by disciplinary perspectives and covering the structure and oversight of the core utility sectors. A five-day program eligible for 40 CCRE credits.

IPU Advanced Regulatory Studies Program
Various fall dates in 2024

A series of specialized workshops designed to meet the needs of experienced public-sector and private-sector professionals in the regulatory policy community. Past participation in the Annual Regulatory Studies Program and the Accounting and Ratemaking Course is recommended. Each three-day program is eligible for 30 CCRE credits.
Course 1: Advanced Regulatory Accounting and Auditing 
Course 2: Advanced Cost Allocation and Rate Design 
Course 3: Advanced Regulatory Finance and Analysis

IPU On-Demand

Customized seminars and tutorials on regulation and regulatory topics delivered at the convenience of your public or not-for-profit organization. Contact us for more information.