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September 14, 1926 to August 15, 2019
IPU Founding Director 1966 to 1991
“Crossing the Rubicon with Harry Trebing” (2002)
“University Creates Unit to Study Utility Problems” (1966)
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A Tribute to Trebing. In our field, we acknowledge how we stand on the shoulders of greatness. None were broader than those of our beloved Harry Martin Trebing, who passed peacefully on August 15, 2019, at the age of 92. Professor Trebing served as IPU’s founding director from 1966 to 1991, a champion of university-based support for economic regulation. He was an institutionalist and an institution, and it is impossible to imagine theory or practice without him and his indelible influence. He inspired generations of regulatory scholars and practitioners, and many still remember him fondly as the Dean of regulatory education. The IPU library bears the Trebing name, and we will curate and share his prolific and iconic works. Our values aligned and, like so many, I benefited from his generous counsel in navigating my path. Harry cast a long shadow, and I am but the caretaker of his Institute, yet his faith and constant encouragement over the past decades meant the world to me. The measure of the loss of my mentor and family friend is exceeded only by the memorable moments of good humor, from tales of program folklore to cultural references and turns of phrase that were uniquely Trebing. We are better for the principled knowledge our teacher imparted to us, and obligated toward his extraordinary legacy and life of service to our community. Harry is survived by his beloved Joyce, a national treasure in her own right, and their sons and grandsons. Our thoughts are with them. – Janice Beecher, IPU-MSU


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The Institute of Public Utilities (IPU) supports informed, effective, and efficient regulation of the infrastructure-intensive network industries providing essential electricity, natural gas, water, and broadband services. IPU was established in 1965 and operates as a self-sustaining unit within the College of Social Science at Michigan State University, the nation’s pioneer land-grant institution. We are located on MSU’s beautiful East Lansing campus and collaborate with faculty and researchers from various academic colleges, departments, and centers.

IPU specializes in conducting applied research and providing exceptional learning and networking opportunities to professionals in the utility policy community. IPU’s neutral analytical and instructional practice is informed by a broad array of traditional and applied disciplines including economics, political science, law, accounting, finance, and engineering. IPU‘s educational forums sharpen the skills needed to address today’s most salient challenges of infrastructure governance, including the integration of markets and economic regulation.

IPU is devoted to the ideals of regulatory independence and technical capacity. IPU’s diverse program faculty includes nationally recognized university educators and expert practitioners known for their insight, experience, and teaching ability. Program participation is typically eligible for continuing education credits and can lead to a Certificate of Continuing Regulatory Education (CCRE).

The IPU Advantage is:

  • University-sponsored and credit-eligible continuing education.
  • Institutional expertise to translate principles into practice.
  • Highly qualified, experienced, and objective program instructors.
  • Professionally designed and delivered curriculum and materials.
  • Personal attention and valuable networking experiences.
  • Superior program value at a lower cost of participation.
  • Flexible options, special discounts, and no cancellation fees.

IPU shares the College of Social Science vision and mission: Our science transforms the human experience and inspires leaders. We will be global leaders in top-tier research while advancing engaged learning and societal well-being.

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