Power Grid School

IPU Power Grid School

The engineering and economics of the operation and transformation of electric utility systems across the supply chain for power, from generation to transmission to distribution.

IPU Power Grid School I:
Engineering Economics of the Supply Chain for Power (Preliminary)
March 9-11, 2021 – three-day course

Day 1
Fundamentals of Power Systems and Grid Infrastructure [J. Mitra]
Emerging Technologies, Digitalization, and the Grid Edge [D. Mulder]
Day 2
Fundamentals of Electricity Markets, Economics, & Regulation [K. Rose]
Emerging Trends and Regulatory Policies [B. Tarufelli]
Day 3
Grid Integration & Modeling for Distributed & Variable Resources [T. Veselka]

IPU Power Grid School II:
Integrated Planning, Energy Transformation, and Climate Action (Preliminary)
April 6-8, 2021 – three-day course

Day 1
Trends and Outlook for Energy in the United States [EIA]
Energy Resource Adequacy and Reliability [P. Sreedharan]
Evolution of Resource Planning and Policy [R. Wilson]
Integrated Resource Planning Models [R. Wilson]
Day 2
Supply-Side Resources [Lau]
Demand-Side Resources [J. Taylor]
Distribution Systems and Planning [J. Homer]
Day 3
Economic Evaluation of Resource Alternatives [G. Upton]
Pricing Behind-the-Meter Distributed Resources [R. Ozar]
Setting and Achieving Utility Net-Zero Carbon Goals [G. Stojic]
Planning Power Systems in the Climate Change Context [M. Craig]