IPU Affiliates

Institute of Public Utilities Affiliates

IPU Affiliates are membership organizations that support IPU’s mission by co-marketing our educational programs. Members of affiliate organizations receive discounts on program registration fees. The collaboration is governed by a simple memorandum of understanding (MOU). For more information, please contact IPU Director Dr. Janice Beecher (beecher@msu.edu or 517-355-1876).

Current IPU Affiliates include:


CAMPUT  http://www.camput.org/




Network-Industries.org  http://www.network-industries.org/




Florence School of Regulation: Transport    http://fsr.eui.eu/transport/



Istanbul Center for Regulation   http://www.ic4r.net/




Michigan Technological University www.mtu.edu






Innovative Governance of Large Urban Sytems    http://iglus.org/




Protec  https://www.protec-mi.org/




IPU-Affiliate Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
IPU Bylaws