Advanced Attendee Presentations


Introduction to public utility regulation (Beecher)



Forecasting for resource planning (Gotham)

Econometric Forecasting and Energy Regulation (Upton)

Fundamentals of revenue requirements (Parrish)

(1) GAAP vs Regulatory Accounting (Zeldenrust)

(2) GAAP vs Regulatory Accounting (Zeldenrust)

(3) GAAP vs Regulatory Accounting (Zeldenrust)

(4) Regulatory Treatment of Income Taxes (Zeldenrust)

(5) Regulatory Treatment of Income Taxes (Zeldenrust)



Cost-Benefit Evaluation in Regulation (Upton)

Utility Asset Depreciation (Watson)

Financial Statement Analysis Handout (Dharan)

Financial Statement Analysis (Dharan)

Economics of Renewable Energy Resources (Upton)

Utility Asset Retirement (Watson)

Utility Rates and Affordability (Beecher)

Affordability Recommendations Appendix (Beecher)




Rate Design and Demand Response (Zethmayr)

Ratecase Auditing: Capital Costs and Prudence Review (Donlon)

Cost-Allocation Modeling (Peterson)

Cost-Allocation Modeling Worksheets (Peterson)

Cost-Allocation Worksheet Answers (Peterson)

Energy Efficiency Program Evaluation (Brown & Steiner)

Ratecase Auditing: Operating Costs and Adjustments (Hunsaker)



Net Metering Methodologies (Ozar)

Performance Based Regulation (Donlon)

Utility Credit Markets and Ratings (Chapman)

Economics of Resource Options (Rose)

Link to group activity (Rose)

Utility Performance Benchmarking (Fenrick)

Utility Business Models and Corporate Value (Kihm)



Mergers, Acquisitions, and Affiliate Transactions (Edmonds)

Utility Risks and Incentives (Beecher)

Utility Risks and Incentives (Kihm)