Professor and Director
Institute of Public Utilities, Michigan State University

Ph.D., Political Science, Northwestern University |

Dr. Janice Beecher has served as Director of the Institute of Public Utilities at Michigan
State University since 2002, bringing more than thirty years of applied research experience to
the position. Her areas of interest include regulatory principles, institutions, governance, and
pricing and she specializes in the water sector. She is a frequent author, lecturer, and
participant in professional forums and Editor of the journal Utilities Policy. She coauthored
the book, Risk Principles for Public Utility Regulators (MSU Press) and has several works in
progress, including an institutional analysis of the Flint water crisis. She is presently serving
on the U.S. EPA’s Environmental Finance Advisory Board and chairs the Water Rates
Subcommittee of the Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee. In 2016, she served
on Michigan’s 21st Century Infrastructure Commission. Dr. previously held positions at The
Ohio State and Indiana Universities and the Illinois Commerce Commission and currently
has faculty appointments in MSU’s College of Social Science, where she has taught graduate
courses in public policy and regulation. She holds a B.A. in Economics, Political Science, and
History from Elmhurst College and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science from
Northwestern University.
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Erin WEST 

Operations Manager
Institute of Public Utilities, Michigan State University
B.S. Michigan State University  |  Bio  |



Senior Fellows


Kenneth ROSE 

Senior Fellow, Economics  
Institute of Public Utilities, Michigan State University
Ph.D., Economics, University of Illinois at Chicago |  Bio  |


Steven KIHM 

Senior Fellow, Finance
Principal and Chief Economist, Seventhwave
M.B.A., Finance, M.S, Quantitative Analysis, University of Wisconsin at Madison |  Bio  |



Faculty Associates 


Joydeep MITRA 

Senior Faculty Associate 
Professor, Electric Power & Energy Systems, Michigan State University
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Texas A&M University |  Bio  |


Soren Anderson


Faculty Associate
Associate Professor of Economics, Michigan State University
Ph.D., Economics, University of Michigan |  Bio  |


Johannes M. Bauer

Johannes M. BAUER 

Senior Faculty Associate 
Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media, Michigan State University 
Ph.D., Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration |  Bio  |



Faculty Associate
Director, Extension Center for Local Government Finance and Policy, Michigan State University 
Ph.D., Colorado State University |  Bio  |


Adam Candeub


Faculty Associate 
Director, Intellectual Property, Information & Communications, MSU College of Law
J.D., University of Pennsylvania Law School |  Bio  |

Elizabeth CONNORS

Faculty Associate
Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Ph.D., Accounting, Michigan State University |  Bio  |


William A Knudson

William KNUDSON 

Faculty Associate 
Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University
Ph.D., Philosophy and Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University |  Bio  |


Thomas D. Jeitschko


Faculty Associate 
Department of Economics, Michigan State University
Ph.D., Economic Theory, University of Virginia |  Bio  |


Doug Jones

Douglas JONES 

Faculty Associate 
Harold L. and Audrey P. Enarson Professor (Emeritus) of Public Policy & Management, Ohio State University
Ph.D., Economics, Ohio State University |  Bio  |


Harry Trebing


Professor and Faculty Associate 
Founder and Director Emeritus of the Institute of Public Utilities, Michigan State University
Ph.D., Economics, University of Wisconsin |  Bio  |