Harry Trebing Page

Select publications of Professor Harry Trebing

Common Carrier Regulation- The Silen Crisis (1969)
Realism and Relevance in Public Utility Regulation (June 1974)
The Chicago School versus Public Utility Regulation (March 1976)
Public Utility Regulation: A Case Study in the Debate over Effectiveness of Economic Regulation (March 1984)
Public Control of Enterprise: Neoclassical Assault and Neoinstitutional Reform (June 1984)
The Impact of Diversification on Economic Regulation (June 1985)
Apologetics of Deregulation in Energy and Telecommunications: An Institutionalist Assessment (September 1986)
Regulation of Industry: An Institutionalist Approach (December 1987)
Restoring Purposeful Government: The Galbraithian Contribution (June 1989)
Telecommunications Regulation- The Continuing Dilemma (1989)
Some Thoughts on the Future of Economic Planning: The Gruchy/Institutionalist Contribution (June 1991)
The Networks as Infrastructure-The Reestablishment of Market Power (Juna 1994)
The Globalization of Telecommunications: A Study in the Struggle to Control Markets and Technology (June 1995)
Achieving Coordination in Public Utility Industries: A Critique of Troublesome Options (June 1996)
Emerging Market Structures and Options for Regulatory Reform in Public Utility Industries (1997)
The 2002 Veblen-Commons Award Recipient: Edythe S. Miller (June 2002)
Market Failure in Public Utility Industries: An Institutionalist Critique of Deregulation (2003)
Assessing Deregulation: The Clash between Promise and Reality (March 2004)
A Critical Assessment of Electricity and Natural Gas Deregulation (2008)