Video Library

Video Library

Electrical Systems

     Electrical grid 101

     PJM overview of the electricity grid

     How the California ISO works

    The Duck Curve

    What is inside a wind turbine?

    Research on TAP: Coordination of renewable generation and new loads

Natural Gas Systems

     Natural gas 101

     How are pipelines constructed?

     Natural gas: pipeline safety & 811

Water and Waste Water Systems

     How do water towers work

     From source to tap – drinking water treatment

     Safe drinking water Act 40th anniversary

     Wastewater treatment plant 3D walkthrough animation

     Five outcomes of GWLA’s Wastewater Master Plan

Broadband Systems

    What is broadband?

    Why 23 million Americans don’t have fast internet

Accounting and Finance

     FAF FASB & GASB: How we create accounting standards

     Generally accepted accounting principles

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